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The core of the aviation industry- AERO | HighProfessionals’ workforce

Use our specialization in the aeronautical engineering and start to benefit of our employees knowledge. AERO helps your company to stay ahead of your competitors. The creativity, the knowledge and the high commitment of our employees to provide you with the best performance will be the engine of your success.

A team player with a high qualification and interdisciplinary skills – the key to a sustainable and economical success.

With a high commitment, flexibility and fast acting, we are able to provide you with the right candidates for your fast changing environment and you increasing request for a high qualified workforce – at the desk as well as a at the workbench.


High Commitment.

Our specialists have been gone through multiple assessment processes and have already been able to gain work experience. Our skilled blue collar workers, engineers, technicians as well as our other experts will help you to efficiently accomplish your projects with the best outcome; from the drawing board to the runway.