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Best jobs in the aviation industry at AERO – Partner of Airbus

Take off with us! Whether you are a Mechanic, Electrician, Engineer, Technician, or Business Economist (f/m) – you are on the right track if you apply at AERO – one of the biggest suppliers within the field of aviation. Fly with us and touch down at one of our clients like Airbus, Diehl, Premium Aerotec, and many more.



The best partner for your career in the aerospace industry!

AERO HighProfessionals is a specialized human resources service provider and one of the largest partners of well-known companies operating in the aviation and aerospace industry within Germany and Europe. We are well-experienced in finding perfect jobs for our applicants as well as providing our clients with the best employees.
We always follow our three main principles: respect, trust and fairness. We are proud to be one of the best human resources service providers in the field of aviation. Equal Pay, excellent working conditions and an open and transparent support are factors we take for granted as high-end human resources service provider.

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